The Hottest Lingerie on Amazon

Dressing for sex can be a much-needed break from the routine

I have a fetish for lingerie.

I love the look of an itty bitty nightdress or the shaping power of a sexy corset. I get turned on by the feel of silky smooth stockings and garters. And the way lingerie highlights the curve of my breasts, thighs, and ass can take me from zero body confidence to feeling like a sex goddess.

There’s, of course, something to be said for ripping each other’s clothes off and going at it bare-ass naked, but sometimes the naked-only thing can get a little same-old.

Lingerie is a good way to help a couple break the routine. Taking the time to prepare for sex — to put actual effort into things like music, candles, twinkle lights, champagne, and a sexy outfit — can make sex seem like more of a special occasion.

Sure — I can appreciate that my hubby thinks rolling over and poking me with his erection when I’m half-asleep is “setting the mood,” but sometimes taking it up a notch can be nice.

My Favorite Sexy Basics

I don’t consider lingerie to be covering up. I consider it an artistic and sensual way to decorate my body for lovemaking. It’s a beautiful set of wrapping paper on a gift that’s about to be ripped open.

But as a full-time working mom on a budget, I’m not looking to break the bank for lingerie. There’s some great stuff out there that’s affordable and incredibly sexy.

If you don’t know a ton about lingerie but you’re interested in getting some for you or your partner, the decision-making can be a little overwhelming. There are so many varieties and types, and it’s all about personal style and what looks and feels good.

Even for someone like me, who loves to shop for it, the sheer amount of companies out there selling online makes it difficult to sift through the crap to get to the good stuff.

Here are a few of my favorites, with great reviews, that I would recommend.

1. The Sexy Nightdress

A sheer nightdress like this is somehow sweet and devilishly sexy at the same time. For someone with curves, like me, it’s flowy shape is super flattering. And the split at the upper thigh is a nice, erotic touch. It hugs the breasts and shows them off, but the cut is low enough so that the fabric can be pulled down and the nipples given their fair share of attention during foreplay and sex.

I love when I’m wearing something like this and my husband yanks it down because he just has to see and feel my breasts. It’s all part of the build-up. Anticipation can be a major turn-on.

Photo from Avidlove

2. The Garter Belt

The first time I ordered a garter belt, I had no clue what I was doing. I knew I wanted to start wearing them though. I love the vintage retro look, and I found it so much sexier than your ordinary pair of tights. I picked one from Amazon that looked good to me, along with a pair of thigh-highs, and hoped for the best.

Turns out there was no reason to be intimidated. As long as you get one that fits, it’s easy enough to work out how the metal clips attach to stockings. Even though it seems like more of a hassle, I find this setup more comfortable than pantyhose because everything stays in place.

The key to sex in a garter belt and thigh-highs? No underwear.

Photo from TVRtyle

3. Fishnet Stockings

Speaking of garter belts, you’ll want to get some thigh-highs to go with it. I’m a sucker for all kinds of stockings — I love different colors and patterns. But something about fishnet thigh-highs is super seductive to me.

Warning — don’t attempt to wear stockings for an evening out without the garter belt. Even if they claim to have a “stay up” silicone top, they will do anything but.

Photo from Leg Avenue

4. The Corset

The corset is a wonderful way to round out the garter belt and stockings duo (along with a hot pair of heels). But you could also just go with a corset and nothing else.

These can be intimidating if you’re shopping for one for the first time, especially online. But brands like this have an accurate size chart and tons of reviews from women who give specifics about how they fit.

The most difficult part is getting it on, but with a little effort, you can do it with the help of your partner or on your own. Ones like the underbust corset, pictured below, don’t cover the breasts. They accentuate and give a little boost, but leave them completely accessible. It’s a fun outfit — believe me.

Photo from ShaperX

5. Lace Kimono

I love a good robe. A completely see-through lace robe maybe isn’t the way to go when you have to throw something on to sign for a package (unless you have a thing for your FedEx guy), but where it lacks functionality, it makes up for in raw sex appeal.

This piece can be good for something like making your morning coffee, then fucking on the kitchen counter before you can hit the brew button because your partner is that turned on by the sight of your ass through the sheer fabric.

Photo from Avidlove

6. Satin Chemise Slip

This flirty little chemise is classic. It has fewer frills, it’s more comfortable, and its shape is flattering. I wear something like this to bed often — whether I’m planning for a night of sex or just cuddling up with a book or my vibrator (or both). So versatile.

Photo from Avidlove

7. One Piece Mini Bodysuit

This itty bitty scrap of lace is more like a tattoo than a piece of clothing, and that’s what I love about it. It barely covers anything and it’s mainly decorative — though the straps and bow can be tightened or loosened to shape your breasts a bit. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable, and there’s a wide variety of colors available on Amazon.

Photo from Avidlove

8. The Not-So-Sensible Matching Set

So maybe this isn’t the most sensible bra and underwear to put on for running errands or hitting the gym. But it can be nice to have a fun, frivolous set of floral lace panties and bra just for some sexy time fun. They’ll definitely last through a nice dinner and a bottle of wine, so they have that going for them. And I love that this particular set comes with a matching choker and attached garters. It’s really unique.

Photo from SheIn

9. Push UP Bra

Women with breasts of any size appreciate a good push-up bra. It amplifies the natural beauty we already have, and the level of bounce during love-making activities is greatly increased. I feel more feminine and curvy in one of these, and I love the look, especially the black-and-white stripes. How Tim Burton-esque.

Photo from FallSweet

10. Oversized Plain T

Sometimes the sexiest thing you can wear is a big T-shirt and nothing else. This screams comfort, yet has a fuck-me air about it, especially when you have nothing underneath.

Heels and lace definitely have their place, but a loose, baggy nightshirt feels cozy. Plus, there’s plenty of room for hands to roam everywhere.

Lingerie is Hot — and so is Variety

I don’t wear lingerie all that often, and I don’t think there’s a need to. But variety is the spice of good sex. Changing up what you do once in a while, even in simple ways, can make a big difference.

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