I Want You to Watch Him Fuck Me

And enjoy yourself the entire time

I know you — we’ve been together a long time. I know you’ll be nervous, and that’s okay. I’ll be nervous too. I’ll also struggle with feeling selfish, guilty, and more than a little exposed.

But I’ve been craving this for a while now, and just having your eyes on me as you back away and sit in the chair across from the bed is making me wet.

You sip your Scotch but drink me in while the man we’ve invited into our bedroom presses up against me from behind. His chest is solid as I lean back and enjoy the feel of his hands gripping my hips, digging his fingertips into them as his lips find my neck.

I’ve wanted Nate from the moment I met him, and now, you’re going to watch me have him.

Actually, it might be more accurate to say, you’re going to watch him have me.

There will likely be some fear and insecurity on your part

When Nate turns me around, backs me against the wall, and starts to kiss me, you might feel worried. When he hooks his hand behind my hips, grabs my ass, and grinds his pelvis into mine, you might even feel jealousy.

When he makes me gasp at the pleasurable friction of the erection in his pants rubbing my clit through the flimsy material of my skirt, you might start to question some things.

Will his cock be bigger than yours? Will he be more skilled as a lover? Will he be more eager to impress and work harder to make sure I experience all the pleasure I possibly can?

Well, he might have you beat with that last one. You and I have been fucking only each other for nearly a decade, so our urge to impress has certainly…relaxed. Chalk it up to new relationship energy and don’t let it get to you. That’s part of the reason we’re doing this.

Nate lifts the hem of my camisole and pulls it over my head. My full breasts tumble free of the material, and he lavishes attention on them.

Taking a breast in each hand, he circles each nipple with his tongue before sucking on the sensitive, swollen pink bud. In reaction to the tingling pleasure shooting straight to my core, I moan and arch my back, grinding harder into his impressive hard-on.

I really want you to be confident in my love and desire for you, even while you watch another man give me pleasure. It’s called compersion. I want you to experience an empathetic state of enjoyment because you see me enjoying myself.

It seems to be working because as you watch Nate worship my breasts, you undo your pants and let free your own hard-on. Seeing your thick cock in your hands turns me on even more. Our eyes meet, and I lick my lips, hungry for both you and Nate.

I reach for Nate’s belt buckle and undo the clasp. I slip beneath the waistband of his briefs and wrap my fingers around his hard, thick length. I squeeze, and he gives a low, guttural groan of appreciation. Before I can go any further with his cock, he drops to his knees on the floor, yanking my skirt and underwear down with him.

I’m stark naked, vulnerable, and aroused in front of two almost fully clothed men now — and something about that makes me dripping wet.

Bringing his mouth to the level of my cunt, Nate takes care of my dripping desire, licking between my legs from as far back as he can reach all the way to the front. He stops at my throbbing clit, zoning in on it with this lips and tongue in a slow, passionate kiss.

“Fuck…fuck yes,” I tell him, my voice coming out in a breathless whisper.

“I need to spread you wider,” he says. He looks up at me and grins as he hitches my left leg over his shoulder, opening me to him.

It’s all I can do to stay upright against the wall as he spreads the lips of my vulva and ravishes me. The feel of his dancing tongue against my smoothly shaved skin is fucking incredible. When he slips his finger inside me, massaging my inner wall while flicking his tongue like crazy against my clit, I feel my core muscles wind so tightly that my thighs start to shake.

I start getting loud, making it known that he’s hitting just the right spot now, at just the right pace. I grab his chestnut brown hair with both of my hands and start fucking his mouth in short, needy thrusts, my leg on his shoulder bobbing up and down as I chase my climax.

When I feel my budding pleasure finally release, I meet your eyes as I wail like a siren — vocalizing my ecstasy. You’re rubbing your length slowly where you sit, your eyes unblinking as you watch me fall apart.

I’m ready to be thoroughly fucked

Nate stands, takes off his shirt, and removes his pants and boxer briefs. His dick is impressive, fully hard and veiny, the head shiny with his desire for me.

He sits on the edge of the bed and reaches toward me, inviting me to join him. I straddle his legs and hover over his very inviting cock. I’m more than ready to be thoroughly fucked.

Before I lower myself, I turn my head to the side and meet your gaze.

“Is this okay?” I ask. We’ve already discussed that it is, but I want to check in with you. Make sure you’re alright.

Your lips curl upward ever so slightly, and you nod.

I keep my eyes locked on yours as I lower myself onto Nate, gasping at the wonderful, full feeling of him.

Image by S B from Pixabay

Then I look into Nate’s eyes and stand on the toes of my bare feet so I can lift myself up, then slowly slide down, riding his cock and letting it go as deep as it possibly can.

“Fuck, you feel amazing,” Nate whispers in my ear. His arms wrap around me as he pulls me down on him, and I lean far back, bending backward so the angle of penetration changes in a delicious way. The long waves of my hair brushes the front of his knees as my breasts point to the ceiling.

He cups my ass and, without breaking our connection, stands and turns me around so that I’m lying on the bed with him on top of me. I sigh at the incredible feeling of his full weight on my body.

Then, he starts to thrust.

He pumps into me, hard and deep and rhythmic.

He kisses me, dipping his tongue into my mouth as his cock drives into me. He stops kissing me so he can focus on the fucking, and his upper pelvic region rubs my overly sensitive clit as he glides over me, again, and again, and again.

It’s not long before I’m riding the wave of a second orgasm. Coming with a cock inside me is one of my favorite bedroom activities, and I feel my cunt squeeze his cock like a vise as he keeps pumping away, drawing my orgasm out even longer.

When Nate starts getting close, he pulls out and sits on the edge of the bed again. I look at his cock, gleaming from my arousal in the low candlelight, and get on my knees on the floor. I take him into my mouth, enjoying the taste of myself.

He gently collects my hair in his hand, holding the makeshift ponytail as he guides my head up and down, pushing himself as far into my mouth as I’m able to handle.

I use my hands and massage his balls, and he responds with loud grunts of pleasure. In less than a minute, he explodes into my mouth.

I swallow every bit of his come and lick his head clean, feeling a shiver of pleasure pass through his body as I do.

Your turn

When I stand and face you, I find you giving yourself long, slow strokes from the base of your cock to the head.

I kiss you, and you let my tongue slip between your lips.

Tasting him on me seems to drive you into a frenzy. You’re rough with me as you turn me around and bend me over the bed next to where Nate sits.

You know just how rough I like it — entering me in one quick, sharp thrust from behind without even bothering to remove your clothes.

Nate watches while you have your turn, taking me from behind fast and hard, pulling my hair just hard enough to cause a bit of pain.

You push me forward and get on your knees behind me on the bed. Without pulling out, you pull my shoulders up and back so that I’m kneeling on my knees as well, my back to your chest. Once we find our rhythm in the new position, you press your hand over my mouth.

Then, you wrap your other hand around my neck, squeezing gently. My moan of pleasure comes out a muffled grunt as I grab each one of your forearms with my hands, loving the feel of being dominated as you slide in and out of me torturously slow.

“How about we ask Nate to come suck on your clit again?” you ask. “Hmm? He seemed to be pretty good at that the first time around.”

This wasn’t in our original plan, but Nate straightens right up, looking pleasantly surprised. Your hand still covers my mouth, but you give me enough leeway so that I’m able to nod my head yes or shake my head no.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I nod and attempt a muffled “Yes,” begging for it.

“That’s what I thought,” you say, chuckling.

Nate is there in a flash, his talented tongue showering my clit with attention while you fuck me into submission — a complete submission to pleasure.

I honestly don’t think my body can orgasm again, but neither of you is going to let up until I do.

I groan against your hand, relishing the lack of control as the man I love fucks me while the man I’ve been lusting after eats me out like there’s no tomorrow. I feel gloriously pinned. Out of control. No escape from the pleasure as another orgasm is forced upon me.

When another climax suddenly rips its way through me, thanks to your merciless fucking and Nate’s agile tongue, you can feel it as my cunt squeezes your cock in pulsing contractions of ecstasy. This one explodes from my core and sends an electric current to the very tips of my fingers and toes.

I squeeze my eyes so tightly that all I see are warm, floating colors. You fuck me through the climax, the belt threaded through your loosened pants biting into the backs of my thighs until you come inside me.

It takes the three of us a while to come down to Earth.

It takes me the longest.

When I start to breathe normally again, I find myself nestled between both of you, the fingertips of both your hands brushing along my body and making me shiver with pleasure.

“Next time,” I say in a dreamy voice, “I get to watch the two of you.”

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