Hot Pink Orgasms with the Sohimi Heated Vibrator

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If you decide you’d like to try the Heated Sohimi Vibe, you can get 30% off if you use the code B3ZKP7IC.

My libido has been in a crazy low slump for a while now. We’re talking months of basically nothing going on down there. 

Recently, I took a belated honeymoon trip with my hubby, and there was a bit of action there in the hot tub (story coming soon). But other than that, my sex drive has been cold. 

Having sex only one time in more than two months isn’t our usual. We’ve definitely hit a wall, and lately, I’m feeling more like my hubby is my very chill roommate. A guy I love to talk to and spend time with, but not one I’m into fucking. 

This is a real issue — not just for us, but for so many couples out there. 

The sexual spark has taken its own vacation — from our marriage. So this past weekend, I made a point to take some time to myself to try out a new sexy toy.

Research says that one of the many benefits of masturbation may include increasing your libido. I’ve found it to be true for myself. So sometimes, when I feel low like this, I just gotta get in there and do the work. And boy, did I do the work.

I had a lovely time with this sleek, strong heating vibrator by Sohimi — and I would HIGHLY recommend it. Here’s why. 

The Sohimi Heated Vibrator — All the Pros and Cons 

Love the Look and Feel

Just playing with this thing in my hands feels good. Granted, if the soft, supple silicone feels so nice in my hands, you can imagine how good it feels in other places — including my breasts, labia, clit, etc. (I made sure all of these places got some much-needed attention during this trial run.)

And I love the bright pink color. I love when my sex toys look cute, and I’m actually a bit turned off by vibrators and dildos that are designed to look like big, super-realistic cocks. To each their own, of course. But while I love the look of a real-life cock, for my toys, the cute and stylish aesthetic is my preference.

Heating Function is HOT

This is my first time ever trying a vibrator that heats up. And I absolutely LOVE it. 

It just makes for a more cozy and pleasurable experience overall. Just feeling it warm up in my hands is incredibly relaxing. And it reaches the perfect temperature to match your body heat, so don’t worry about it being too warm against your delicate parts. This Sohimi vibe will set your loins on fire, yes, but only in the most pleasurable and metaphorical way. 

Good Vibrations 

This vibe has 9 different powerful vibration settings. And the advanced motor is strong yet quiet. I don’t typically mess with the intricate pulsing patterns, but there are 6 of those. I usually just enjoy the strongest setting, with full-blast vibes directly against my clit. And this toy doesn’t disappoint there. 

You can get a feel for the vibration levels in my Instagram video

Bendy is Better

I’ve yet to come across a vibrator that has this much flexibility. I’m sure there are other brands out there with this design, but this was my first encounter. 

Image by Author 

You can bend it any which way you want. And as I was using it, that’s what I did. I had fun enjoying the tip of the vibrator inside my vagina and bending the handle upward until it was flush against my clit.

This meant that the angle of the vibrator inside me went from pressing upward (toward the g-spot) to pressing downward (toward the anus). The change in sensations feels unique. You can just imagine all the different fun you can have with anal or vaginal play. 

The Price is Right

The other great thing that surprised me is the price point. This vibrator is simple, yet functional in every way it can be. It feels incredibly luxurious, and it’s only $25.99 on Amazon. (Plus, you’ll get 30% off if you use the code B3ZKP7IC when you buy!)

Note that this article does not contain affiliate links, so I won’t make any commission from this toy. This is just my honest review in exchange for the product — and what a fun review process it was! 

All the Functionality

I love that this toy is fully waterproof. I use toys in the bathtub a lot, but I usually have to be careful and make sure whatever I’m using isn’t fully immersed. I end up having to keep the water level low or lifting my ass in the air above water (which can be a fun sensation in itself, but I digress). I also end up eventually ruining vibrators in the shower as they collect water little by little. 

Image by Author 

You don’t have to worry about that with this toy. Plus, it’s USB rechargeable, which is usually the only way I want to go nowadays, as I hate to buy and waste batteries. 

The Only Drawback 

I love everything about the Sohimi heated vibrator except for the fact that there’s no outer clitoral stimulator. I thought the bendy function would help with that, but the issue there is I need a stronger sensation on my clit than what you feel on the handle end of the vibrator. I also like something more pointed for clit stimulation, like the classic Rabbit ears we all know and love. 

So, instead of keeping the vibe inside me the whole time, I eventually have to take it out and apply the tip directly to my clitoris when I’m ready to come. So its function at that point is more like a soft and squishy bullet vibrator — but let me tell you, it’s a GLORIOUS and luxurious feel, and I liked it better than my hard plastic mini-bullet. 

The orgasm I had with this was incredible, and I’m convinced you won’t get more bang for your buck anywhere else. 

After playing with the way it bends, I found that my favorite thing to do is to press the vibrator’s tip to my clit while thrusting my fingers inside me. 

Get More Orgasms 

Remember: sex begets sex. So for me, and so many others, masturbating makes us want more sex, not less. That’s why self-love is so helpful for upping my libido. 

Plus, I can spend quality time with my vibrator and have an orgasm even when I’m not horny to begin with. Sometimes I like to masturbate just to de-stress or reduce my anxiety, even when I’m not in the mood for wild and horny partner sex. 

Despite the fact that my first choice would be a different shaped vibe, I’d definitely recommend this if you want to try something a little different. It would also be incredible to play with as a couple. Being fucked by my partner while using a quality vibrator like this against my clit is one of my favorite couple’s activities.

Overall, I’d enthusiastically recommend the Sohimi brand. They have plenty of options and all kinds of toys I’d love to try, all at an affordable price — from clit-sucking toys to mini-tongue vibrators, to toys for men and couples. 

I’m always looking for great online stores I can shop to up my sex game, and Sohimi hits the mark. 

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