My Dark Sexual Fantasy

Painting the scene I’m scared to admit I desperately crave

This scene depicts scenarios of consensual bondage and rough sex. You’ve been thoroughly warned.

Though women are still too often criticized for enjoying being dominated during sex, I can say with complete authority that my delight in being tied up and roughed up by a trustworthy partner is in no way at odds with my feminism.

In fact, as a feminist, I know I have the right to like what I like, as long as all adults are practising a scene that remains safe, sane, and consensual.

The below fantasy — which I would love to someday make a reality — is often playing vividly in my head when I masturbate. It’s one of my go-tos and always works like a charm. It explores some dark themes that I’m sometimes afraid to admit I’m into, but then I remind myself that when it’s consensual, it’s insanely pleasurable (for me — not for everyone).

My husband steals into the house just after 11, and he’s brought a friend with him. Just as we’d agreed.

I’m alone in our den, my oversized sweater sliding off my shoulder and exposing my black lace camisole as I type like mad. I’m deep in thought at my desk, blasting Meg Myers’ “Desire” over the speakers. I’m also deep into a bottle of chilled rosé, which is encouraging my creativity as I craft a naughty story.

The music is loud and the words are flowing. And both men are careful to be quiet. I don’t even know they’re there until I feel a hand clamp down over my mouth and I’m dragged from my chair.

My husband stands me up and slides his forearm around my neck and shoulders, pinning my back against his broad chest. I grip his forearm and let out a surprised yelp, muffled by his hand.

I find myself face to face with his good buddy, Alex. Alex is taller than I’m used to, slimmer in build as opposed to my husband’s muscular frame. The blond scruff on his face contrasts my hubby’s dark, trim beard, and his sun-bleached locks curl at the ends, more unkempt than my man’s carefully styled black hair.

Variety is the spice of life.

When my husband lifts his hand away from my mouth, I’m smiling widely at Alex. There’s a glimmer of excitement in his grey-blue eyes.

Alex’s body is so close to mine, we’re almost touching. I want to press my body against his. I try, but I’m kept firmly in place.

Alex leans in, his lips brushing my earlobe. “I’ll wipe that little grin right off your pretty face,” he whispers. There’s a growl to his voice that makes my breath catch and my panties wet.

We’re actually very fond of each other, Alex and I, and the fact that I feel my man’s cock pressing into my ass tells me that he’s as excited as I am about our plans for the evening.

Alex carefully removes my glasses and places them on the desk. When he turns back to me, I see that he’s got a strip of wide pink masking tape in his hands. He presses it to my mouth. Then, in one quick motion, he grabs a handful of my hair, yanks my head to the side, and kisses my neck like there’s no tomorrow.

I moan as Alex nibbles and sucks on the sensitive area below my ear and his hand slips easily into my yoga pants. He lubes his finger up by inserting it inside me, then brings it to my clit, rubbing it in small circles.

My eyes roll toward the ceiling and I lean my head back against my husband’s shoulder. He chuckles in my ear in response. “Time to tie her up,” he says to Alex.

Alex removes his hand and I groan, instantly missing his touch.

I cry out when I’m suddenly lifted off my feet. My husband carries me in his arms, out of the den and down the hall. He stops at the staircase and plops my ass on the plush carpet of the fourth step, just before the landing.

His strength is impressive — because I’m a curvy-ass girl.

Alex appears before me, two bundles of rope in hand and grinning from ear to ear.

My husband gets on his knees on the landing and grabs my shoulders. Alex stays on the floor before the staircase and pulls my legs so that my butt slides down a couple of steps until I’m in the exact right spot.

The stairs leading to our landing happen to have freestanding banisters connected by wooden spindles on either side. That’s how the guys will secure me.

They each take hold of one of my hands, spread my arms, and tie my wrists to the narrow wooden spindles on either side of me. The nylon of the rope is soft and pliable so there isn’t pain, but there’s certainly a tight, restrained feeling thanks to the capable knots they’ve made.

The sensation of being bound thrills me and sends my adrenaline soaring — it always has.

Now that I’m secure, they don’t waste another second. Alex roughly yanks down my leggings and underwear, leaving me bare-assed and fully exposed to him on the staircase.

At the same time, my husband works on the four buttons of my grey sweater. He gets it open and shoves the top of my camisole down. I’m not wearing a bra, so my large breasts spill out as the top of the cami stays trapped underneath them, the elastic pulling up and lifting my breasts. My pink nipples are hard the second the air hits them.

Alex takes full advantage of this as he places himself on his knees between my legs. He leans over me and roles one nipple between his fingers while his lips surround my other nipple, lapping at it and teasing it with his tongue.

With his other hand, he rubs my clit in slow, lazy circles — making me even wetter than I already was. I moan in pleasure against the tape, my pussy practically throbbing with arousal as I lift my hips to increase the pressure of Alex’s strokes.

That’s when Alex gives my nipple one last tug between his teeth before diving headfirst between my legs. He spreads my thighs as wide as he can get them and glides his tongue gently over my smoothly shaved labia, purposely avoiding the spot I want his tongue to center on in the most.

I become vaguely aware of the sound of my husband removing his belt and turn my head and find his cock, hard and smooth and thick, right at my eye level.

I lift my eyebrows, the only way I can plead to hubby for what I want. Alex’s tongue is still running along my slit, torturing me slowly with desire, as my husband gently peels the tape from my lips. The masking tape is gentle enough on my skin, and because of the moisture that’s been collecting from my enthusiastic vocals, it comes off easily with barely any ouch-factor.They know that pain isn’t my turn-on.

And this night is all about my pleasure, after all.

When my mouth is free, I lick my lips and open them hungrily. My husband moves into place to give me what I want. He places his knees on the stair my head is resting on, just above my outstretched arm. He gently gathers my hair in a ponytail, helping to support my head and neck.

“Do you feel comfortable enough?” he asks, checking in with me to make sure all is well.

“Ye — yes…” Alex has chosen that very moment to lick my clit for the first time — and he keeps going. “Fuck, yes,” I say, addressing both men at once.

Yes to my husband’s question, and double yes to Alex’s tongue lashing.

“Do you want this cock?” my hubby asks. He’s stroking himself, drawing it out.

“Yes,” I say loudly.

“Tell me what you want,” he commands.

“Ah!” I’m close to coming from Alex’s handiwork, and I want to suck my man off right fucking now. “I want your cock in my mouth.” I barely manage to get it out between gasps.

My husband feeds me his cock until it hits the back of my throat and I gag. Even then, he can’t fit himself all the way. He pulls out a bit, then gently fucks my mouth at a steady pace. With his free hand, he lavishes attention on my nipples, pulling and gently twisting them between his thumb and forefinger.

I relish the feeling of my mouth being full, unable to get anything out but a muffled cry of pleasure as Alex eats me out. Our friend keeps his tongue right where it needs to be and increases the pressure, lapping at my engorged clit as he inserts two fingers inside me.

I stretch my knees even farther apart and lift my ass up to meet him. He places a hand beneath my ass and helps me grind my pussy against his face.

With my arms stretched wide and my wrists bound, my mouth fully occupied with cock, and my pussy being serviced by Alex’s tongue and fingers simultaneously, it doesn’t take me long to get there.

I shut my eyes tight as the deep pleasure that’s been building in my core boils over and explodes. My muffled voice is loud as the blissful release curls my toes and makes my leg muscles shake like jelly.

While my pussy is still contracting from the intense orgasm, Adam thrusts his cock deep inside me. I groan in sheer delight and surprise, opening my eyes wide and meeting my husband’s gaze. He gives me a wicked grin and laughs when he realizes I was so out of it while I was coming that I didn’t even know Alex had unzipped and readied himself for me.

Alex fucks me slowly at first. It’s a gloriously full feeling, and I moan to their rhythm as they both pump in and out of my cunt and mouth simultaneously.

After a few beautiful minutes, Alex speeds up, going deeper, breathing faster, pounding me harder. He buries himself as deeply as possible, hitting the back of my vaginal wall in a way that is so intense it almost hurts — but it’s a good hurt.

From his pocket, Alex produces one of my many bullet vibrators. He holds it to my clit as he stays still, his dick deep inside me. My husband takes his lead and buries his cock as far in my mouth as he can. They stay like this, unmoving, waiting for the bullet to do its job as I breathe rapidly through my nose.

I come again in less than a minute, wailing in ecstasy around my husband’s cock and sounding louder than a firetruck.

As my pussy grips his cock, Alex pounds into me once, then twice. He grunts with each thrust, and on the third one, he comes hard. I feel his warmth fill me up. As he comes, he doesn’t let up on the bullet toy. It stays glued to my clit, and I lower my hips, trying to get away from it.

“Is it too much for you?” Alex says, smirking. He pulls out of me and moves the bullet down so it’s stimulating my labia and doesn’t hit my clit directly. The toy becomes especially slippery as I feel his come dripping from my pussy.

My husband pulls his cock from between my lips immediately so I can answer. I see it’s gleaming and dripping with my saliva, so hard that it looks like it could go off any second.

“I can’t,” I tell them both. My tone sounds like a mix between pleading and whining. “I can’t come again.”

But that’s not the safeword, not even close, so they keep torturing me. My husband joins Alex on the floor and takes his place between my legs. Alex shifts so that he’s beside me. He moves the bullet up, directly stimulating my clit again but keeping the pressure light.

“No, I…I can’t do it…”

Still not the safeword. My husband plows into me and I’m filled to the brim yet again. Alex passes the bullet to him, and he keeps up with the clit stimulation as he pumps into me.

“I don’t believe you,” my husband says. “You have another one in you.”

“I don’t,” I moan in protest. But maybe, just maybe, he’s right. And I want to find out.

Alex puts his free hands to good use and fondles my breasts, lavishing more stimulation on my nipples. My shouts match the timing of each thrust as my hubby fucks me relentlessly. He’s building up and I know he’s close to falling over the edge.

I let out an ecstatic, open-mouthed cry each time he plows into me. Alex then leans over me and kisses me passionately, swallowing my moans. It takes me by pleasant surprise, and I kiss him right back as I melt into the staircase.

The feel of Alex’s tongue dipping in my mouth, his hands on my breasts, the bullet on my clit, and my husband’s dick filling me over and over is the most pleasure my body has ever felt in so many places at one time.

It’s sheer bliss, and it’s driving me to the fucking brink of insanity.

When I finally come a third and final time, it’s a twisting, violent orgasm as I riggle my entire body and pull as hard as I possibly can against my wrist restraints. I’m basically biting Alex’s lips at this point, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

My husband’s orgasm follows just after mine, and he empties himself into me.

“Turquoise,” I say, gasping for air. “Fucking turquoise. Fuck!

At the sound of our safeword, my husband immediately turns off the vibrator. He cups my cheek and presses his lips to mine while Alex takes care of the ropes.

This time Alex carries me. My mostly naked body seems to be useless, my muscles so wobbly from the best sex I’ve ever had that I’d probably fall over if I tried to walk.

Our friend lays me in the bed, and they both get in on either side of me. We alternate drinking wine and rehydrating with water as both men stroke my skin gently and massage different parts of my body. Alex plays with my hair, which is the ultimate relaxation for me.

When I’m almost asleep, I hear them hatching a plan for our next overnight play session.

Feature image photo credit: Image by DivvyPixel from Pixabay 

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