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I Finally Lost My Anal Virginity

Here’s how I gained a whole new world of pleasure

After multiple failed attempts over the last four years or so, I finally lost my anal virginity. It just happened this past weekend.

And it went well. Very well.

I didn’t even know Anal August was a thing until afterward when I started writing — but what perfect timing!

Ever since leaving a marriage where sex had become a nightmare, I’ve been on a kick of exploring my sexual self.

Escaping a mentally and sometimes sexually abusive relationship left me free to discover who I was as an independent woman. I went from associating sex with feelings of emotional turmoil to falling in love with a partner who taught me it can be pleasurable, passionate, and adventurous — when you’re with the right person.

For me, being sexually adventurous means exploring uncharted territory. Finding new and exciting ways of enhancing pleasure for my partner and myself.

One such territory is anal. But — (giggles) — no longer is butt sex uncharted for this sexual explorer. Hubby and I have successfully mapped that Wild West.

And I must say, I’d do it again.

New, different, and incredibly hot

One very important thing we had neglected during previous attempts was making sure I was truly ready to go. We’d have a little foreplay — a good bit of it focused on making him hard and ready — but not enough for me.

I think that’s the defining difference of why I was able to be fully penetrated this time: we made sure I climaxed first. Lots of kissing on my lips and on my neck. Lots of massaging my breasts and stimulating my nipples with both his tongue and fingers.

We used my vibrator that includes both G-spot and clitoral stimulation, and he watched me make myself come while he continued massaging my breasts. It was a super intense orgasm — so I was very much aroused and relaxed down there when I turned over on my belly.

Face down, ass up was the position I was comfortable trying. We started with a small butt plug first, then a bigger dildo with a base (super important with anal). It was longer than the butt plug, but still slimmer than his cock.

He inserted the toy slowly, with my clear communication for guidance on whether to keep going or not.

And this is the newest tidbit of information I found that helped me learn how to enjoy anal without hurting. Though it might seem counter-intuitive, bearing down and actually pushing out during penetration allows you to relax that ring of muscle.

That’s what I focused on with my ass in the air. We got the toy all the way in, and I used my little bullet vibrator on my clit at the same time. The sensation was different, but good. I still felt very full and stimulated, like with vaginal sex, but in a new and different place. Using the bullet vibe along with anal penetration was wonderful.

After a few minutes of the dildo, we moved to his larger, thicker cock. There was a more intense pressure, and only a tiny bit of pain at the first initial penetration. He used plenty of lube, and I again guided him with my voice. He had to go a little slower than with the dildo, but once he was all the way in, I again felt that full, pleasurable feeling.

And then he was fucking my ass. Slowly, then a little bit faster.

I was playing with my clit and being fucked in the ass for the very first time — and I was loud as hell in response to the pleasure. It was truly wild. We even managed to try a different position — he guided me down to lie flat on my stomach, his cock still inside me, and started prone-boning me with my legs closed, my muscles gripping his cock extra tight.

It felt pretty amazing.

Preparation is key

Forward planning was necessary to make it happen for me. Not just the night of, but leading up to it. Though I was always open to anal sex because my partner was interested, after a couple of failed attempts I thought maybe it just wasn’t physically possible for me.

But after plenty of time had passed since our previous attempt, I got curious again.

I wanted to know why some women enjoyed it, and I couldn’t seem to even be penetrated. The two times we tried, it was far too painful. I wasn’t relaxed or aroused enough, and my body became this impenetrable fortress that wouldn’t allow entry, no matter how I tried to make it happen.

It’s important to say that I received absolutely zero pressure from Hubby for us to keep trying. I knew the thought of it drove him crazy though. He’s an ass man, and his pleausure was indeed a motivator for me.

About a third of women say they find anal penetration pleasurable, according to a study for the National Institutes of Health, and I made it my personal mission to see if I could too. I knew there were probably some steps we had skipped and could try to incorporate, so I started doing some serious anal sex research.

I read articles and listened to sex podcasts directed toward women and couples. Some amazing and informative references that helped me in my academic anal pursuits are The 3 Best Positions for Great Anal Sex by Emma Austin, How to Make Anal Sex Less Intimidating by Demeter deLune, and the Shameless Sex podcast.

I didn’t learn until recently that you have two sets of muscle (external and internal sphincters) that need to relax and stretch open to allow entry.

“While you can control your external sphincter (skeletal muscle) consciously, the internal sphincter (smooth muscle) is not under voluntary control, and may need some additional coaxing to relax.”

Top Tips for More Pleasurable Bottoming, Jason Wong, PT, DPT

Learning this was key, because it finally hit home that I can’t just have anal sex because I will it to happen. I learned that my body needs some extra warming up, a bit of stretching with some toys, and an orgasm or two before he penetrates me.

Third time’s a charm!

Even though I thought I hated anal sex or wasn’t capable of it, I realized that for some, like me, it’s just a matter of learning about your body and knowing how to prepare. The result is discovering new pleasure zones I’d never felt before.

Here’s what I would recommend to anyone thinking of being on the receiving end of anal sex.

  1. Preparation. Confession: I have anxiety around germs and poo during sex. I don’t like the idea of getting messy back there, and it’s something that can really affect my body’s ability to relax. What helped me with this was knowing I’d gone to the bathroom that morning. I ate light that day. And, during my shower just before we fucked, I placed my finger in my bum, which assured me things were nice and tidy. Knowing this beforehand really helps if you’re an anxious gal like me.
  2. Foreplay. Lots of foreplay. I need to come before I’m penetrated. Once, at the very least. (More is better!)
  3. Lube, lube, lube. I love the feeling of it on my skin, and it’s a step you can’t skip or replace with saliva.
  4. Patience and communication. Go slow. Talk. Check in. Always be clear about what’s working and what isn’t.
  5. Understand it might not work out. And both partners need to be completely cool with it if it doesn’t. You don’t only have to give it one chance — you can try again later if you want to. Sometimes practice makes perfect!

As good as everything felt (and it felt really fucking good), neither of us got to come this first time. I had pretty much desensitized my clit from all the battery-operated stimulation I’d been giving it for a good while up to the anal sex.

And he didn’t get to come in my ass, as he sometimes will lose his erection if he waits too long to finish. So all the preparation and warm-up is absolutely necessary, but it’s going to be tricky for us to work out the timing for both of our unique bodies.

But the experience was immensely hot and has opened a whole new world of pleasure for us — so I see it as a successful new venture! I think with some practice, we’ll get the hang of it.


I’m a Feminist Who Shaves Her Pubic Hair

It’s not because the patriarchy brainwashed me

Some women choose not to remove their body hair. Some prefer the natural state of their pubic, underarm, or leg hair. And some refuse to shave as an act of rebellion against the patriarchy or societal standards of beauty.

I’m of the belief that anyone can do what they like with their pubic hair. It’s a personal decision whether you shave, trim, or go natural — but the biggest priority is that you’re happy, healthy, and comfortable in your body.

I don’t base my decision to remove my hair on any outside persuasion. I base it on what I want for my body.

I truly respect and appreciate a woman’s choice to shave or not shave for whatever reason she sees fit. Some have had the experience of being oppressed or forced or pressured into shaving, so I understand the need to go against the grain.

I see my shaved lady parts as an act of feminism because it’s what I want. I’m grateful I have the freedom to tune out what anyone else thinks, and I don’t care if it’s looked down on by some as the popular choice or the slutty “porn look” choice or the patriarchy-approved choice.

It’s my choice.

To me, that’s feminism. Independent thought, and being valued enough and liberated enough to do whatever you damn well please with your body hair.

I shave my legs because growing the hair out exacerbates my eczema. I shave under my arms because it feels more comfortable. And I shave my pubic hair for a number of different reasons, all of which involve my comfort, sexual pleasure, and personal preference.

My grooming habits are based on what I want. Expectations put in place by society don’t factor in the decision. No, I’m not brainwashed by the patriarchy or razor companies. I simply do what I like with my body.

Not shaving my body hair just to stick it to the patriarchy (even though I prefer shaving for all sorts of personal reasons) would be just as problematic as shaving because society tells me to.

Some men love a woman who shaves her outer vulva. Other men prefer or even need at least some pubic hair on a woman. I’ve had an ex-boyfriend tell me that a shaved woman doesn’t seem sophisticated or worldly enough, and that there should be some hair down there so that she’s more “sexually appealing.”

That’s a personal preference that works for him, but it’s just not for me.

I just groom my vulva the way I like.

And I like it smooth.

Discovering my personal preference

I’ve read many articles online on the matter of female body hair. Probably more than any one person needs to read. Some of them hint at or outright describe shaving as a shameful, self-hating activity that we do only because it’s the way we’ve been programmed.

But I think it’s all about doing what’s right for you. Do you love the feel of your freshly shaved legs against your bedsheets? Or against the skin of your lover’s hand?

Do you love the curl and thickness of your pubic hair? Does it make you feel more feminine, more sexually confident, more whole?

No matter what anyone thinks, do what you love.

Not shaving my body hair just to stick it to the patriarchy (even though I prefer shaving for all sorts of personal reasons) would be just as problematic as shaving because society tells me to.

Once I was old enough to have plenty of hair on my pubic region, I never felt pressure from anyone to shave. My mom didn’t suggest it, and none of the razor commercials of ladies performing synchronized swim routines in colorful bathing suits made me feel pressured one way or another.

What I did get frustrated with, however, was how my tuft of hair would become increasingly difficult to keep clean when I got my period.

Before I learned to use tampons, my dark, thick curls would get tangled in the blood of a soaked pad, and dry toilet paper did little to help the issue. I eventually started using tampons, but I played a lot of sports and still had plenty of mess and sweat to deal with.

I wasn’t a fan of the coarse feeling whenever I touched it, either. I didn’t like the smell, especially during that time of the month (even though I bathed each night). And I didn’t like the stray hairs sprouting out every which direction from my underwear.

I decided my feelings on my hairy lady parts before anyone told me to, before I saw porn, and before I ever had sex. Boyfriends didn’t see me naked until I was 17, so I’d had plenty of time to come to the conclusion naturally.

And then, I discovered sex. And, especially, my love of oral sex. Now, as a full-fledged adult who very much enjoys sex, I’ve found more reasons to love my smoothly shaved pleasure zone.

Increased sensation and pleasure

The feel of my partner’s hands or tongue or penis against my vulva is far more pleasurable when I’m shaved.

I love the skin-on-skin contact. The warmth and wetness of his tongue directly on my sensitive folds, the feel of his fingers exploring my exposed self. I can more thoroughly enjoy a friction-free vaginal massage. And I love the glorious sensation of smooth, silky lube down there.

Without pubic hair, my sensation and pleasure increases. It helps me not only have more intense orgasms, but more orgasms in general.

A better experience giving oral

There’s no double standard here. My preference for shaved genitals goes for any gender of the person I’m pleasuring.

I’m a big fan of giving partners as much pleasure as I can. Arousing them arouses me, and that’s one reason why I’m such a big fan of performing oral sex.

If my male partner has pubic hair, it’s more difficult to properly lick and suck his balls. And it’s a lot less sexy when hair is constantly scraping against my tongue or getting caught in the back of my throat. Nothing breaks the mood like stopping at the peak of pleasure to hack up a few stray hairs.

Easier to keep clean

I’ll probably get some pushback on this one especially. First of all, I understand and agree that there are absolutely no health benefits to shaving, and that having pubic hair is not in any way unhygienic. You can be perfectly clean with a full bush. In the same way, you can be smooth as a rose petal and not practice good hygiene habits.

However, I’m able to maintain cleanliness more easily by staying shaved. There’s a lot going on down there for me. Sweat, my own sexy juices, blood, urine — it’s a busy place. Add the fact that I’m a runner to the equation.

I like that I don’t have to take the time to thoroughly wash another set of hair in the shower. All I need is a relaxing swipe or two from my sudsy bath loofah on my bare skin, and I’m good to go.

I feel more sexually confident

I simply love the beautiful aesthetic of my shaved vulva. Even though I know the bare look isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it happens to be more visually appealing to me.

But it’s not just about what’s on the surface. I also feel sexier when I’m shaved. Removing my pubic hair fully exposes my most feminine and private parts. You can more easily see my labia, my clit, my vaginal opening. Even when my legs are closed, I like the look of that telling line at the beginning of my slit — it opens to a world of my femininity and pleasure.

Baring myself naked in this way, as naked and exposed and vulnerable as I can be, gives me a thrill. Perhaps it’s the exhibitionist in me?

I Don’t Have a “Patriarchal Pussy”

My preference to shave isn’t a result of feeling shame. I’ve not been shaped or stifled by a culture of patriarchy and commercial beauty standards. I understand that has been some women’s experience — and that’s a problem we need to address by being more open and not judgemental of women’s bodies. It simply hasn’t been my experience.

I don’t spend much on razors. For my legs, I actually get a better shave with a set of Lady Bics (about $5 for a set of ten, which lasts me three months or more).

I’m saving plenty of time and money on the fact that I literally never get a manicure, rarely paint my own nails, don’t often visit the salon, and typically don’t wear makeup more than once or twice a week. Because, again, it’s not really about societal beauty standards or practices pushed upon me, it’s about what I like to do with my body.

I also don’t spend a lot of time or money maintaining my pubic hair. I prefer using an electric shaver that’s actually meant for beards. It’s quick, easy, and gentle on my skin. While I do get bumps and shaving if I use a mechanical razor, I don’t get them with the electric one, because it’s not as close of a shave.

So to anyone considering the question of beauty and body hair and what it means to our identity: we’re all entitled to follow our own path. Enjoy the freedom to shave or not shave. Do what brings you joy, pleasure, health, and happiness.

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Writing Craft

9 Ways to Write a Terrible Sex Scene

Do these things, and you’ll lose readers before the big finish

Writing a great sex scene is a beautiful and intricate dance — one that straddles the line between reality and sexual fantasy.

There’s a delicate balance between dialogue and action, character development and narration, and a million other variables that can either make readers crave your next story with agonizing desire — or send them packing, never to take a chance on your work again.

One of the most difficult things about writing a sex scene is navigating your way between craft versus taste. You could be the most gifted writer of all writers, but what seems erotic to you might be silly, gross, or even appalling to others.

It’s all about finding your unique voice, learning how to express your own style, and building an audience that connects with your writing.

The art of writing is already such a subjective thing. One reader’s E.L. James is another reader’s Henry Miller. (I happen to like both because I have eclectic taste, but you get where I’m heading.)

When it comes to writing sex, there’s a lot of advice floating around out there about things you should do to improve your work.

But there are a few key things you shouldn’t do — unless, of course, your goal is to write an absolute garbage sexual encounter that makes readers cringe.

So if you want to write, just, the worst sex imaginable, then by all means, follow these tips and tricks.

1. Don’t make us care about the characters

Whether you’re writing a novel that builds up to a sex scene with a slow burn or a short story that gets to the action right away, you still need to add characterization so that reader cares about what’s going on.

Some sex scenes are very light on character. That’s okay! But we at least want a good visual description of the people involved, and we want to tap into the lead character’s mind as the sex is happening.

Is the steamy scene about passionate romance and human connection? Pure animal lust? Maybe it’s an instance of giving in to temptation — the boss lady can no longer resist her long-time employee, even though they both know it’s against company policy.

Add some interesting details to make your story more original and intriguing. It only adds to the hotness factor.

2. Skip the foreplay

We all know foreplay is important before real-life sex. That’s a given, right? RIGHT?!

If you’re writing a good sex scene that eventually culminates in an explosive climactic ending, you’ll want to have your characters engage in some tension-building foreplay first. Intense kissing, massage, groping, oral. Maybe some spanking or some other kinky activity if you’re writing for the BDSM audience.

Just as you build the plot by introducing characters and situations with the right amount of pacing, you also want to pace yourself by spending a portion of the sex scene on physical foreplay.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. A quickie with little foreplay can stand out and be super hot, but it’s not typically the best way to create anticipation, which is often a huge part of the reader experience.

3. Give characters as many limbs as you please

If your reader has trouble keeping track of whose hand is doing what or whose tongue is exploring where, they’re going to be spending too much time deciphering the puzzle of limbs flailing everywhere and not enough time appreciating your scintillating sex scene.

Not only do sex writers have to keep track of who is doing what to whom and where (and how and in what orifice ) — they also have to make the action flow easily and effortlessly for the reader.

This can get damn hard for the best romance and erotica writers. Throw more than two partners or same-sex couples in the mix, and your challenge becomes doubly difficult.

Figure out the best point of view for your story (first-person is great for same-sex couples), and avoid overly long and complex sentences that describe too much in one line. For example:

He stroked her left breast with his right hand as he took her right nipple into his hot mouth and pulled her blonde hair with his other hand while using the fingers of the hand opposite that hand to lightly stroke her between her legs, of which were long and shapely as they were wrapped around his waist and also his shoulders — all at the same time.

As an erotica editor, I have to tell you, I’ve seen worse.

4. Don’t give good imagery

If you don’t spend time creating powerful imagery, your sex scene will fail to pop off the page and into the reader’s mind. One good way to make the passion come alive is to blanket the reader’s senses in what the point-of-view character sees, smells, tastes, hears, and feels.

Spread these details throughout like little golden nuggets and weave them between action and dialogue — don’t just dump them all into a big long list.

Give the reader enough description to entice, but not so much that it becomes boring. While being way too specific doesn’t allow the reader’s imagination to take over, being far too vague feels lazy and will make your story forgettable.

5. Be super repetitive with sexual language

In my editing days, I often came across clients who would use the same word so many times it started to lose its meaning. “Pussy” can be erotic and effective the first one or two mentions, but let me tell you, 15 pussies in one page is too much pussy (if there is such a thing).

Short of relying on overly flowery language that is more comedic than arousing (the engorged rose of her femininity, anyone?), find at least some variety of words for the different parts and acts that you can implement so that you don’t overdo it.

6. Don’t get creative with locations or scenarios

Setting the scene in the bedroom can be incredibly hot if you have the hang of writing sex. But even if your location is ordinary, make sure the scenario itself is extraordinary — something well-written that draws the reader in will put your work above the lazy writing lurking out there.

And don’t be afraid to move away from the bed. Whether your characters are on the stairs, in front of the fireplace, in the office, on a train, in a closet at a dinner party, or any number of creative scenarios, have fun and take full advantage of your sexual imagination.

7. Use “cum” instead of “come”

Let’s just get right to the meat of the matter.

We can all debate this until we settle a colony on Mars, but I could write a 69-page essay full of evidence from credible sources about why come is more fitting and appealing than cum.

One might say, “But Holly, cum is for writing dirty smut porn, and come is for romance — and I prefer writing smut, so there!”

I’m here to say it’s all about a cleaner, more cohesive look that makes grammatical sense. I know when we’re orgasming, we’re not thinking about grammar. Or what makes sense. But — even when your characters are about to have the most mind-blowing climax of their life, we don’t just abandon all language rules completely.

“Yes, YES! I’m about to cum…yishg, doo it two mees. Right their! Gafdh. Fuk!!!”

See? That’s a difficult sentence to read. If we just started spelling shit all wrong when our characters climax, the heat is gone.

And, if we “cum” in present tense, then do we “cummed” in past tense?

All joking aside, if you love cum instead of come, I say do what works for your style. Every writer is different! But I think come is highly versatile and can be used in both the dirtiest and classiest of sex scenes.

8. Ignore the natural ebb and flow of lovemaking

One way that can help create an authentic, euphoric sex scene is by making the rhythm of your writing similar to the rhythm of sex.

For me, it really helps to put myself in the minds of the characters and think about how I feel when I’m having sex. I utilize my experience.

I don’t want the sex to be over too soon. I don’t want it to drag out too long. I want some teasing. I want to hit the high points when I’m ready for them. I want to burn slowly until I’m boiling, then I want release.

Play around with different sentence/paragraph lengths to create beats and mimic sex: longer lines for the slower, building action, and shorter lines for a faster pace. Bring the reader on a roller coaster ride and enhance your writing with ups and downs throughout.

9. Throw realism right out the window

That tightrope looming over realism and fantasy sex is a delicate one to cross as you’re writing. Whether it’s a fictional tale or an amazing true experience in your blog, you can write incredibly realistic sex in an evocative and powerful way.

And sometimes, a few creative liberties makes the read all that much more enjoyable.

But if things happen between characters that are so completely out of the realm of real sex, you risk taking your reader out of the story.

Does your male character make your female protagonist come at the very first thrust, with absolutely no stimulation of any other part of her body?

I’ve read it in a story, folks. And then I laughed and said, “Ha ha! That’s pure male delusion if I’ve ever seen it!” And yes, the story’s writer happened to be male.

Also, don’t be afraid to incorporate birth control or protection. Or periods. Or the need for lube. You can find sexy ways to work these things in. We deal with them in real life, and it’s something readers can relate to.

If you’re writing fantasy and your character has magical powers (say, they can fly and have sex in mid-air), then by all means, get creative with your awesome fantasy sex.

But keep in mind — even the gift of flight does not mean the woman comes with little to no effort on her partner’s part.

The More You Write, the Better You’ll Get

If your goal is to actually write great sex and not terrible sex, avoid the pitfalls above. If you’ve noticed yourself fall into any of these bad habits, don’t stress. Continue reading romance and erotica. Observe how other polished writers are able to craft real and wonderful sex scenes.

And, even if you’re just starting out, write as much as you can! It may be rough now, but you’ll get better and better the more you practice.

For those of you who, like me, are serious about writing high-quality sex, keep at it. Have fun with it. And enjoy the journey along the way.

By the way, did you know the working title for Henry Miller’s classic erotic tale depicting his sexual exploits in Paris was Crazy Cock? The fact that it was later changed to Tropic of Cancer just shows how taste plays an insanely important role in erotic literature.

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Using a Vibrator for Better Sex

Bringing toys into the relationship can maximize both pleasure and intimacy

Vibrators are tons of fun for solo play, as many of us are well aware. But if you’ve yet to experience how absolutely amazing they are for partner sex, you’re missing out on an entire world of untapped pleasure.

Specifically, you’re missing out on some incredible orgasms. The knee-wobbling, breathtaking, rock-you-to-the-core kind of orgasms. Though it may seem like bringing a toy between you and your partner could make things less intimate, it’s actually the exact opposite. Incorporating a vibrator encourages pleasure-positive dialogue among couples.

If you’re like me — a woman who has never been able to orgasm from penetration alone — then you’re in good company. Those of us who need clitoral stimulation in order to climax are part of a large group: we’re the seventy-five percenters. According to an analysis of over 33 studies over the past 80 years, only a quarter of vulva-owners can orgasm from vaginal penetration alone.

Sure, having your partner go down on you is an amazing, beautiful thing. And of course, the stimulating use of his fingers has its own unique appeal. But you don’t want to limit your avenues of orgasmic pleasure.

I absolutely love the feeling of coming while being penetrated by my partner. And, I love being able to do that multiple times in one session.

A vibrator can help us easily achieve all of this and more.

Though it may seem like bringing a toy between you and your partner could make things less intimate, it’s actually the exact opposite. Incorporating a vibrator encourages pleasure-positive dialogue among couples.

Choose empowerment over insecurity

Maybe you’ve never introduced toys into couple’s play. Or maybe you’ve used a vibrator with previous partners, but have yet to do so with your current one. Perhaps you’re single and enjoying casual sex, but a vibrator seems like too much if you haven’t been with the person before.

I’m a prime example of someone who used to be super shy about putting my sexual needs out there. It took me a long time to get comfortable enough with my body to accept that I deserved just as much pleasure from sex as my male partner experienced.

If you can relate to my shy, awkward, insecure feelings when I first started exploring how to make sex better for me, I’m here to tell you that it’s definitely worth it to power through. We can’t help how we feel, but we can help how we respond.

Don’t let fear or sexual shame stop you from experiencing all the pleasure you can. And don’t be so worried about hurting your partner’s feelings that you avoid bringing it up.

If a man feels intimidated by a vibrator rather than the much more sensible reaction of sheer exhilaration that you’re going to get even more pleasure out of sex with him, there needs to be some communication to break down that irrational barrier.

Vibrators are to sex like icing is to cake. You can make a cake without any frosting, sure. But that sweet, decadent frosting is what we’re here for.

The hottest positions for vibrator sex

Depending on the position, certain vibrators work better because they fit between you and your partner more easily — like a bullet, mini wand, or a wearable finger vibrator. For other positions, you can experiment with bigger, more powerful wands or dildos with external, vibrating clitoral stimulation.

There are some really great devices out there nowadays made specifically for partner play, like hands-free vibes designed to stay in place during sex. Try different things and have fun discovering what you like best. Personally, I’ve come to find that you don’t have to spend a lot to get the same earth-shattering orgasms.

Here are some of my favorite ways to use a vibrator with a partner.

1. Missionary sex

Missionary has always been extremely hot to me, never boring. Even before I used a vibrator during sex, I loved the intimacy missionary allows. My partner can do so much in this position: he can lock eyes with me, kiss me deeply, suck my nipples or tease them with his tongue, pull my hair and suck on my neck or nibble on my ear — all why thrusting into me either hard and deep or torturously slow.

And when we place a vibrator between us, I go absolutely fucking crazy — in the best possible way. A small bullet vibrator works perfectly for missionary. I ordered a sleek metal one online for about thirteen bucks that packs an incredible punch.

He can fuck me at such an angle that it stays on my clit without either of us having to hold it there as his shaft moves in and out. When he’s fully inside me, the pressure of the vibe becomes more intense. Eventually, the intermittent pressure of a lesser vibration when he slides out and a more intense vibe when he’s buried deep builds to an incredible orgasm, and it’s all hands-free.

If I come before he does, I can go again. And the feel of his continued thrusting after I’ve climaxed intensifies my orgasm and makes the waves of pleasure carry on longer.

As a bonus, he loves the feel of my vaginal walls tightening around his cock when I come, and he often says as much out loud when we’re going at it. (This goes for any position that allows for simultaneous fucking and vibing.)

2. Doggy style

Doggy style goes from feeling nice to absolutely fucking incredible with a vibrator against my clit. The position allows for deeper, harder penetration at a pleasurable angle. He can pull my hair or grab and squeeze my hips hard, and I come within minutes, giving me enough time to come again — if he can last long enough. (My partner, a self-proclaimed ass man, LOVES this position. So sometimes, if it’s been a while, he comes a little earlier than his usual, and I truly don’t blame him.)

There is also the added benefit of using a larger vibrator in this position. It can really be any type of vibrator, as long as you can hold it with one hand and balance yourself on all fours with the other. So get creative.

3. Prone bone

The difference in sensations is really something when we vibe in this position. If I’m being fucked while lying on my belly with my closed thighs squeezing my partner’s cock, my clitoris isn’t as exposed. It’s especially helpful if I’ve already orgasmed once and my clit is extra sensitive. I can place a smaller vibe between me and the bed, grinding on it as he thrusts.

It’s quite glorious.

4. Spooning

Using a vibrator while spooning can leave a gal utterly blissed out in no time. My breasts and neck and mouth are available to him if I hold the toy. It’s also fun to let him hold it against me while I lift my upper leg and hook it around his waist. I love to look over my shoulder and kiss while we’re doing this. Kissing and fucking and coming — all at the same time — is the ultimate.

Thanks, vibrator.

5. Blow job

Blow jobs turn me on anyway — but I certainly don’t achieve orgasm through a blow job alone. Giving him pleasure gets me all hot and bothered though, so I get super warmed up and wet while I work him with my mouth. Adding a vibrator to that is a guaranteed orgasm for me.

Sometimes I’ll hold it to my clit while I suck on him, keeping one hand free to massage his balls. Other times I’ll kneel next to him on the bed, blowing him from the opposite direction (my ass near his face), and he’ll hold it between my legs for me. This way, I can pay more attention to his cock with both of my hands and my mouth.

It’s also pretty fun to assume the 69 position. While I give him head, he can fuck me with his tongue and uses a smaller vibrator at the same time. The possibilities are many.

6. Cowgirl/reverse cowgirl

As much as being submissive turns me on, my partner loves it when I’m on top. I’m pretty enthusiastic about it too when a powerful toy is involved.

It’s so easy in the forward cowgirl position to place it between my clit and his lower abdomen. I can ride him at my preferred speed and angle, grinding against the vibrator with the added pleasure of his cock filling me. It’s important to note that while I’ve never come from penetration alone, the feel of it really adds to my pleasure.

He’s let me know he can feel the vibrations as well and loves the sensation, so it’s added pleasure all around.

7. All tied up

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but one of my absolute favorite things to experience during sex is feeling powerless against someone who is delivering pleasure to my body.

When my partner and I ordered under-the-bed restraints, I got to experience that feeling in a way that was more realistic and palpable. I always loved when he grabbed my wrists in his hand and put them above my head, but with the restraint system, he cuffed each of my wrists at the top corners of the bed, and each of my ankles at the bottom corners. This left me completely exposed with my legs spread wide open.

First, he made me come with just a vibrator and two fingers inside me. For the second orgasm, he entered me with his cock and used the vibrator on me at the same time. I had to communicate how hard I wanted it, how powerful I needed the vibrations to be. I was physically powerless, totally exposed, but communicating vocally. And I was screaming (the good kind) by the end of it.

8. Pegging

Pegging is something my partner really enjoys. A while back, we bought a small dildo and harness and tried it for the first time, and it was an incredibly empowering experience for me. I learned a lot about the kind of physical energy it takes to fuck somebody (all that thrusting is quite the workout).

One thing that made it way more pleasurable for me was when I thought to slip my bullet vibe between the harness and my clit. The harness fits tightly enough to keep the vibrator in just the right spot, and when I fully penetrate my partner, it presses against me harder, increasing my pleasure with each thrust. I can’t actually reach his cock very well when I’m pegging him, but he loves to stroke himself as I thrust. We get into a good rhythm, and we’re able to come simultaneously.

I may look into purchasing a toy that vibrates while penetrating both of us, but until then, this method works quite well.

Better sex for both of you — and better communication

In a male/female couple, using a vibrator not only intensifies the woman’s pleasure but also improves sexual communication, thereby enhancing intimacy.

For almost any sexual position, the woman can choose to hold the vibrator against her while her male partner penetrates her and/or plays with other erogenous zones of her body like her breasts, neck, butt — whatever she likes. This allows her to control the pressure and angle of the toy the entire time. However, her partner can hold it as well and make her come all on his own — as long as she can effectively communicate instructions of when to increase pressure, pull back, change the angle, etc.

If a couple gets to the point where the woman can describe to her partner how to best use a vibrator on her, and her partner does a good job of listening, then the two have made great strides in intimate communication.

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Here’s How Our Threesome Will Go

My husband and I meet him at one of our favorite spots. A coffee and wine bar where local musicians play. The coffee is great and the wine is even better.

We find a good table in the back corner. You can see and hear everything, but there’s also enough privacy to talk.

The music that night is a jazz guitarist and vocalist — a talented and beautiful woman in her late forties.

I’m one glass of wine in when our play partner shows up. We’ve been friends with Dean for well over a year now. We like and trust him.

I’ve had a crush on him since the day I met him — he’s tall, broad-shouldered, has light-brown hair, a close-trimmed beard, bright blue eyes, and glasses. Especially sexy is his sense of humor. The guy makes me laugh. That, mixed with my intense physical attraction to him, makes for a powerful aphrodisiac.

We’ve decided to invite a friend into our bed because the idea of sex with a stranger doesn’t sit so well with me. And the idea of sex with a friend I’ve known and liked and become quite attracted to over the past year is much more enticing.

The build-up of my fantasy with him has been exquisite torture. I’ve thought about him while I masturbated in the tub more times than I can count. And tonight, after a lot of planning and talking and taking great care to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable, my fantasy is about to finally become reality.

We both greet Dean with hugs. The three of us laugh a lot as we work on the bottle of wine we ordered for the table. All three of us remark on how attractive the musician is, and also how sexy her voice sounds.

When the bottle is empty, we know it’s time to make the transition. We all walk outside together. Dean shakes my husband’s hand before kissing me on the cheek, dangerously close to my neck.

“See you in a few,” he says.

My husband and I head back to our place to meet Dean there.

There’s a fire going in our fireplace as the three of us sit on the sofa, me between the two men. I sip from my glass of wine while we chat. I’m at that lovely spot where I’m not drunk, but I’m feeling super relaxed and warm. I’m feeling very sexy and affectionate, and I tend to touch whichever man I’m addressing.

Our conversation bounces around for a few minutes, from film to mutual friends to music. My husband heads over to our stereo, hooks up his phone, and picks a song. I smile when I hear the first chords of “Twisted” by Two Feet. The kind of song that makes you wonder if you can orgasm from just listening to a song.

He hangs out by the stereo and watches me walk to the opposite end of the room to refill my glass at the coffee table, which we’ve cleared to the side of the room, away from the couch. Dean is left between us, on the sofa.

I meet my husband’s gaze and catch the glimmer of excitement in his steel-colored eyes as Dean stands and approaches me.

My friend reaches for my glass. I take a long sip and hand it over. His fingers linger on mine a moment longer than necessary as I slip the glass into his hand. He enjoys a sip himself before he sets it down.

“You look flushed,” he says.

“I feel pretty warm,” I admit. “Not because of the wine, though.”

The corner of his beautiful mouth lifts in a half-smile as he pushes my hair over my shoulder, baring my neck to him. He leans in slowly, and just before our lips meet, I see my husband over his shoulder, watching us intently.

I freezeframe this moment in my mind. The suspense. The sexual tension. The feeling that this thing I’ve been yearning for is finally about to happen.

The second Dean’s mouth is on mine, I feel that telltale flutter in my chest. These aren’t the butterflies of an innocent school-girl crush — these butterflies travel downward, making me feel wet and aroused as his lips coax mine to open and his tongue slips into my mouth. He puts his hand on the back of my neck and I lean into his body, my chest rising and falling with my quickening breath.

Dean moves from my mouth to my neck, sucking my skin gently. He pins me against the wall with my body, and I let out a sigh as I enjoy his weight against me.

“She fucking loves that,” my husband says quietly. Dean is smiling as his lips travel from one side of my neck to the other. His hand finds my breast, and I arch my back as his thumb grazes my nipple over my thin blouse and even thinner lace bra.

Dean stops kissing me and suddenly grabs me by the arms. He manhandles me just a little as he pulls me from the wall and turns me around to face my husband. I feel his erect cock through his jeans as he presses it against my ass.

My husband stalks slowly toward us as Dean grabs a fistful of my hair, yanks my head to the side, and this time adds a bit of teeth when he sucks on the sweet, tender spot just above my collarbone.

When my husband is an arm’s length away, he reaches out to unbutton my blouse. But that’s all he does. Dean follows his lead, bringing his hands over my shoulders and slipping his fingers into the cups of my bra from above. He shoves the material down, releasing my breasts. He feels the weight of my full orbs, one in each hand, and grinds his erection into my ass.

Then Dean zeros in, grabbing my hip with his right hand and pressing my nipple between the thumb and forefinger of his other hand. I gasp and let my head fall back against his big, strong shoulder.

I’m loving the feel of his hands on my body. Loving the feel of my husband’s eyes on me as Dean gives me such immense pleasure. I’m feeling shameless. Confident. And so turned on that I have to squeeze my legs together in an attempt to relieve some of the delicious tension building there.

I lift my hand up and caress Dean’s face as my husband places his hands on the tops of my thighs and lets his fingers roam my skin. Every inch of me feels so sensitive right now that the sensation is glorious, even there. That mixed with Dean’s fingers playing with each of my nipples in turn is almost more than I can take.

Suddenly my husband grabs the hem of my black pencil skirt and shoves it up to my waist.

“She wants this,” he says. Then he takes Dean’s hand in his and guides it inside the waistline of my panties.

Dean doesn’t have to be encouraged any more than that. His fingers graze over my clit. “You’re so wet,” he whispers in my ear as he slips first one finger, then a second, inside my cunt.

I thrust the air with my hips, grinding against his fingers and loving the feel of them inside me. When he pulls his fingers out of me, they’re well lubricated as he begins massaging my clit in a circular motion.

“Fuck — yes,” I breathe, barely getting the words out. I moan as I hook my arm back and around Dean’s neck, needing something to ground me. His body is solid, and I’m sure I’m not going anywhere. Which is a good thing, because at this rate, the magic his hand is working on my clit makes me feel like I could melt into the floor at any second.

I spread my thighs, wanting to feel more, and Dean shifts from circling my clit to rubbing in an up-and-down motion.

“She’s getting close,” my husband tells him. He’s right. I’ve been turned on since we were chatting and listening to some great fucking music at the wine bar, so yeah, I’m pretty damn close.

As my hubby watches Dean play me like an upright bass, he removes his jacket and tosses it aside. His eyes don’t leave my cunt as he loosens his tie, undoes his belt buckle, and unzips his pants.

“Faster,” I whisper. “And…fuck yes…harder. Mmmm,” I moan, closing my eyes as the muscles in my core tighten in painfully delicious tension.

Dean, ever the attentive friend, increases his speed and pressure. “There — yes! Don’t stop.” Like Emma Austin advises, “Don’t stop” does indeed mean “don’t change a damn thing,” and Dean seems to have gotten the memo.

Dean keeps up the speed and pressure. As my moans turn into shouts of pleasure with every breath I take, I’m vaguely aware of my husband’s hands on my wrists. He takes my hand from around Dean’s neck and crosses it over my other hand. Then I feel the sensation of his silk tie tightening around both my wrists.

It’s not easy to keep track of everything in the moment of my climax. I open my eyes when the first wave of pleasure hits, my orgasm bursting from my cunt to my fingers and toes like an electric current of pleasure pulsing through every vein in my body.

The muscles of my vagina contract again and again, and I wail with each passing wave of ecstasy. My wails turn into low, soft moans as the orgasm begins to subside, and my entire body feels like jello.

I lean even harder into Dean, my hands useless now that they’re tied up. I trust the men to take care of my body, and that feeling of handing control over makes me want to come all over again.

I’m still moaning when my husband kisses me, muffling my vocal pleasure as his tongue dips into my mouth. The feel of both of their bodies against mine — my husband in front and Dean behind — is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. This feeling, I think to myself. This right here makes every bit of effort worth it.

“You’re going to suck my cock now,” my husband says between kisses. “While he fucks you.”

I lick my lips and nod obediently. I can’t stop my eyes from rolling into the back of my head in anticipation. I’m practically drooling at the thought.

They guide me to the sofa, where I get on my knees and lean over the arm of the couch, resting my weight on my elbows. My wrists stay tied as I watch my husband pull his generously proportioned cock out of his pants.

I hear Dean rustling behind me, and I look over my shoulder at his cock. My eyes widen at the look and size of him. It’s different than what I’m used to. No two cocks are alike, and I’ve had the same one for ten years, so this is something to take note of.

Dean pulls my black lace panties down my legs slowly, until he gets them over each of my ankles and shoes. My black Mary Jane heels are staying on, apparently, because that’s where the undressing stops.

I look at my husband, who nods at Dean. I lower my head, opening my mouth wide, and my hubby guides his beautiful cock between my lips at the same moment that Dean slides into my waiting wet pussy from behind.

I feel Dean’s hands digging into my bare hips. I feel my husband’s fingers digging into my long hair and pulling it as he fucks my mouth. Both men inside me make me feel complete, filled to the brim. My moans of pleasure are stifled by the cock in my mouth.

I feel possessed by both of them, and it’s glorious.

I’m still able to play with my husband’s balls. My wrists are tied, but my fingers are free. He grunts with pleasure as Dean groans with each rhythmic thrust inside me. His cock makes the walls of my vagina clench with pleasure — remnants from my first climax, which are sending me well on the way to my second.

We go like that for more than ten minutes, and then Dean is grunting the loudest, pounding me harder. I can tell he’s almost ready to come inside me. We’ve all been tested, and I have an IUD, so I’ll get to enjoy the feel of his hot semen filling me up.

My husband notices Dean getting close and buries his cock deep in my mouth, practically down my throat. I gag on the head of his dick, my muscles clenching all over my body. That — the tightening muscles from my gag reflex — sets Dean over the edge. He moans and comes inside my tight, clenching pussy.

He stays inside me for a moment, and I moan as my hubby resumes his thrusting in my mouth. I meet each of his thrusts with a bob of my head. When Dean pulls out, my husband does the same. Daen sits on the sofa beside me, and I kneel on the cushion, waiting impatiently for what I know is coming.

My husband comes around the arm of the couch and puts his hands on my shoulders, urging me to sit. I sit on the edge of the cushion, careful not to spill Dean’s come from inside me.

My husband kneels on the floor in front of me and shoves my knees apart. Dean alternates between kissing my lips, massaging my breasts, and sucking my nipples as my husband eats me out, tasting Dean with every lap of his tongue.

With both of them attending to me, I feel myself falling over the edge again in record time. I grab on to my husband’s hair and grind my cunt into his face. Dean catches my moans with his lips as I come, hard, my juices and his come mixing together and spilling out of me.

The waves of my pulsating orgasm are still causing my muscles to spasm when my husband pulls me down to the carpet and enters me in one quick, deep thrust. Dean is on the floor with me, by my head, playing with my hair and breasts, kissing my neck from an upside-down angle.

My husband fucks me into oblivion as I ride out the remnants of my mind-blowing second orgasm, then he comes inside me.

Two men have just ridden me to the breaking point and filled me up with the evidence of their ecstasy, and I’m shaking as I come down from a high like nothing I’ve ever felt.

Afterward, it’s not awkward. Dean doesn’t run out right away, and we’re glad about that. My husband and I invite him to stay, if he’s so inclined, and he takes us up on our offer.

We fall asleep in bed together, and the next morning, we enjoy going out for coffee together. There is plenty of chat about how lovely the night before was, and plenty of innocent flirting.

We agree that it went so well, we should make a plan for a second date. We spend a good portion of the conversation discussing how both the men would like to interact more with each other the next time, and I’m completely on board with the prospect.

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How to Love a Sapiosexual

Some of us have a fetish for intelligence

People often discuss matters of the head versus matters of the heart. We sometimes think of falling in love as an intense chemical reaction — an overwhelming physical and emotional yearning that drives us to connect with the object of our affection.

But what if we fall in lust or love because of matters of the head? What if one thing that drives us especially wild is a potential lover’s intellect?

One of my fantasies involves making love with an intelligent, clever book lover amongst the shelves of a bookstore. Or, maybe he’s the book dealer. Doesn’t matter. As long as devouring the art of the written word does as much for him as it does for me.

I’ve dated guys in school because I was really into the size of their large…GPAs. I’ve fallen for men (and a few women) because of their ability to write well. And I’ve sexted with a guy friend online who incorporated Hemingway quotes into our super hot messages.

If you were to say I was a sapiosexual, you’d be correct.

Sapiosexual simply refers to someone who is sexually attracted to highly intelligent people.

There’s nothing new or original about being attracted to a keen intellect. It’s a pretty common thing, so some find the idea that we identify ourselves with our own special label as pretentious.

But the phrase has gained traction on online dating sites and apps in recent years, and I love it. I think it’s a helpful identifier to mark our interest in intelligence and allows us to find like-minded potential partners.

It’s also a useful way to counteract the often superficial nature of online dating. Some of us need to engage in stimulating conversation and experience a deeper intellectual connection in our romantic relationships.

A lust for learning

A few years ago, I dated a guy I met by chance at a bar. We started chatting because we were standing next to each other as we waited for our drinks, and I learned he was a grad student close to finishing his master’s in psychology.

Someone who loves learning and has worked hard to earn their master’s or — gulp — PhD is incredibly sexy to me. And someone who’s also fascinated by psychology?

This guy had my attention instantly.

So as young bar-goers stumbled and shouted drunkenly around us, we talked about literature and writing — and we discovered we liked a lot of the same authors. I brought a book our of my purse, as I had just been shopping at the bookstore with my girlfriends before hitting up the bar. He’d already read it, and he told me, without spoiling the story, what he loved about it.

We dated for a while — and half of our relationship was him recommending authors and alternative bands I’d never heard of. He seemed to have a steel-trap memory, and I loved how much I was learning.

I look back at the beginning of dating him as one of the most intellectually stimulating relationships I’ve had. And, as a sapiosexual who gets turned on by intelligence, it was also one of the most sexually exciting.

If your long-term partner or the person you’re newly dating happens to be attracted to intelligence, don’t let that intimidate you. It’s not so much a matter of being the smartest person in the room — it’s more about taking an interest in developing your mind.

You can drive your sapiosexual lover wild simply by tending to their intellectual needs, just as you tend to any needs that come up in a relationship.

Ways to address a lover’s intellectual needs

Ask questions

About your partner. About yourself. About the meaning of life.

Ask questions about the movie you’ve just watched together or the woman you both see in line at the store who carries a pet rabbit as her emotional support animal. Being inquisitive allows us to learn, uncover challenges, find solutions, and explore each other’s minds. Curiosity is a major turn-on for us.


Read nonfiction books, current events articles, novels, peer-reviewed journals— or listen to audiobooks and informative podcasts. Then, go talk to your love about what you’ve discovered. Maybe send a link and a sexy little message about how they’ll be intrigued by this piece you’ve just read. Yummy.

Keep cultivating your passion

Maybe your thing is marine biology. Maybe it’s rebuilding Mustangs. Maybe it’s studying philosophy. Maybe it’s special effects makeup or music or some other art form. Whatever you do, whatever you love, keep learning about it, improving on your skills, and sharing your work. But leave room to talk about your sapiosexual’s passions as well — because they have plenty!

Offer to do something stimulating together (stimulating for the mind, I mean)

Suggest a date beyond dinner, Netflix, and sex. Normally you could see a play, attend a lecture on a topic that pique’s your interest, or take a class together. With COVID-19, brainy dating looks a little different, but you can adjust depending on what’s open in your area. Consider a virtual lecture or virtual museum tours. Find an outdoor spot you can visit together — like local parks, art installations, or even just hiking in the woods. Taking in nature while engaging in the lost art of conversation is super underrated, especially when we’re relying so heavily on digital communications right now.

Love smarter

For many who are out there dating, whether casually or in the search for long-term partnership, it takes more than a pretty face or hot sex to hold our interest.

What is it about deep thinkers that does it for some of us? What is it about book geeks or music aficionados or men who can speak multiple languages that drives women like me absolutely mad?

What is it about a potential lover who enjoys reading philosophy or knows when to use lay versus lie that makes me melt into a willing puddle of lust on the floor?


It’s because the brain is a highly sexual organ. And the mind is indeed one of the sexiest parts of a person.

Keep feeding your brain. That way, when you find yourself with someone for whom lust and intellect are interconnected, you’ll be able to love your sapiosexual that much better.


I Want You to Watch Him Fuck Me

And enjoy yourself the entire time

I know you — we’ve been together a long time. I know you’ll be nervous, and that’s okay. I’ll be nervous too. I’ll also struggle with feeling selfish, guilty, and more than a little exposed.

But I’ve been craving this for a while now, and just having your eyes on me as you back away and sit in the chair across from the bed is making me wet.

You sip your Scotch but drink me in while the man we’ve invited into our bedroom presses up against me from behind. His chest is solid as I lean back and enjoy the feel of his hands gripping my hips, digging his fingertips into them as his lips find my neck.

I’ve wanted Nate from the moment I met him, and now, you’re going to watch me have him.

Actually, it might be more accurate to say, you’re going to watch him have me.

There will likely be some fear and insecurity on your part

When Nate turns me around, backs me against the wall, and starts to kiss me, you might feel worried. When he hooks his hand behind my hips, grabs my ass, and grinds his pelvis into mine, you might even feel jealousy.

When he makes me gasp at the pleasurable friction of the erection in his pants rubbing my clit through the flimsy material of my skirt, you might start to question some things.

Will his cock be bigger than yours? Will he be more skilled as a lover? Will he be more eager to impress and work harder to make sure I experience all the pleasure I possibly can?

Well, he might have you beat with that last one. You and I have been fucking only each other for nearly a decade, so our urge to impress has certainly…relaxed. Chalk it up to new relationship energy and don’t let it get to you. That’s part of the reason we’re doing this.

Nate lifts the hem of my camisole and pulls it over my head. My full breasts tumble free of the material, and he lavishes attention on them.

Taking a breast in each hand, he circles each nipple with his tongue before sucking on the sensitive, swollen pink bud. In reaction to the tingling pleasure shooting straight to my core, I moan and arch my back, grinding harder into his impressive hard-on.

I really want you to be confident in my love and desire for you, even while you watch another man give me pleasure. It’s called compersion. I want you to experience an empathetic state of enjoyment because you see me enjoying myself.

It seems to be working because as you watch Nate worship my breasts, you undo your pants and let free your own hard-on. Seeing your thick cock in your hands turns me on even more. Our eyes meet, and I lick my lips, hungry for both you and Nate.

I reach for Nate’s belt buckle and undo the clasp. I slip beneath the waistband of his briefs and wrap my fingers around his hard, thick length. I squeeze, and he gives a low, guttural groan of appreciation. Before I can go any further with his cock, he drops to his knees on the floor, yanking my skirt and underwear down with him.

I’m stark naked, vulnerable, and aroused in front of two almost fully clothed men now — and something about that makes me dripping wet.

Bringing his mouth to the level of my cunt, Nate takes care of my dripping desire, licking between my legs from as far back as he can reach all the way to the front. He stops at my throbbing clit, zoning in on it with this lips and tongue in a slow, passionate kiss.

“Fuck…fuck yes,” I tell him, my voice coming out in a breathless whisper.

“I need to spread you wider,” he says. He looks up at me and grins as he hitches my left leg over his shoulder, opening me to him.

It’s all I can do to stay upright against the wall as he spreads the lips of my vulva and ravishes me. The feel of his dancing tongue against my smoothly shaved skin is fucking incredible. When he slips his finger inside me, massaging my inner wall while flicking his tongue like crazy against my clit, I feel my core muscles wind so tightly that my thighs start to shake.

I start getting loud, making it known that he’s hitting just the right spot now, at just the right pace. I grab his chestnut brown hair with both of my hands and start fucking his mouth in short, needy thrusts, my leg on his shoulder bobbing up and down as I chase my climax.

When I feel my budding pleasure finally release, I meet your eyes as I wail like a siren — vocalizing my ecstasy. You’re rubbing your length slowly where you sit, your eyes unblinking as you watch me fall apart.

I’m ready to be thoroughly fucked

Nate stands, takes off his shirt, and removes his pants and boxer briefs. His dick is impressive, fully hard and veiny, the head shiny with his desire for me.

He sits on the edge of the bed and reaches toward me, inviting me to join him. I straddle his legs and hover over his very inviting cock. I’m more than ready to be thoroughly fucked.

Before I lower myself, I turn my head to the side and meet your gaze.

“Is this okay?” I ask. We’ve already discussed that it is, but I want to check in with you. Make sure you’re alright.

Your lips curl upward ever so slightly, and you nod.

I keep my eyes locked on yours as I lower myself onto Nate, gasping at the wonderful, full feeling of him.

Image by S B from Pixabay

Then I look into Nate’s eyes and stand on the toes of my bare feet so I can lift myself up, then slowly slide down, riding his cock and letting it go as deep as it possibly can.

“Fuck, you feel amazing,” Nate whispers in my ear. His arms wrap around me as he pulls me down on him, and I lean far back, bending backward so the angle of penetration changes in a delicious way. The long waves of my hair brushes the front of his knees as my breasts point to the ceiling.

He cups my ass and, without breaking our connection, stands and turns me around so that I’m lying on the bed with him on top of me. I sigh at the incredible feeling of his full weight on my body.

Then, he starts to thrust.

He pumps into me, hard and deep and rhythmic.

He kisses me, dipping his tongue into my mouth as his cock drives into me. He stops kissing me so he can focus on the fucking, and his upper pelvic region rubs my overly sensitive clit as he glides over me, again, and again, and again.

It’s not long before I’m riding the wave of a second orgasm. Coming with a cock inside me is one of my favorite bedroom activities, and I feel my cunt squeeze his cock like a vise as he keeps pumping away, drawing my orgasm out even longer.

When Nate starts getting close, he pulls out and sits on the edge of the bed again. I look at his cock, gleaming from my arousal in the low candlelight, and get on my knees on the floor. I take him into my mouth, enjoying the taste of myself.

He gently collects my hair in his hand, holding the makeshift ponytail as he guides my head up and down, pushing himself as far into my mouth as I’m able to handle.

I use my hands and massage his balls, and he responds with loud grunts of pleasure. In less than a minute, he explodes into my mouth.

I swallow every bit of his come and lick his head clean, feeling a shiver of pleasure pass through his body as I do.

Your turn

When I stand and face you, I find you giving yourself long, slow strokes from the base of your cock to the head.

I kiss you, and you let my tongue slip between your lips.

Tasting him on me seems to drive you into a frenzy. You’re rough with me as you turn me around and bend me over the bed next to where Nate sits.

You know just how rough I like it — entering me in one quick, sharp thrust from behind without even bothering to remove your clothes.

Nate watches while you have your turn, taking me from behind fast and hard, pulling my hair just hard enough to cause a bit of pain.

You push me forward and get on your knees behind me on the bed. Without pulling out, you pull my shoulders up and back so that I’m kneeling on my knees as well, my back to your chest. Once we find our rhythm in the new position, you press your hand over my mouth.

Then, you wrap your other hand around my neck, squeezing gently. My moan of pleasure comes out a muffled grunt as I grab each one of your forearms with my hands, loving the feel of being dominated as you slide in and out of me torturously slow.

“How about we ask Nate to come suck on your clit again?” you ask. “Hmm? He seemed to be pretty good at that the first time around.”

This wasn’t in our original plan, but Nate straightens right up, looking pleasantly surprised. Your hand still covers my mouth, but you give me enough leeway so that I’m able to nod my head yes or shake my head no.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I nod and attempt a muffled “Yes,” begging for it.

“That’s what I thought,” you say, chuckling.

Nate is there in a flash, his talented tongue showering my clit with attention while you fuck me into submission — a complete submission to pleasure.

I honestly don’t think my body can orgasm again, but neither of you is going to let up until I do.

I groan against your hand, relishing the lack of control as the man I love fucks me while the man I’ve been lusting after eats me out like there’s no tomorrow. I feel gloriously pinned. Out of control. No escape from the pleasure as another orgasm is forced upon me.

When another climax suddenly rips its way through me, thanks to your merciless fucking and Nate’s agile tongue, you can feel it as my cunt squeezes your cock in pulsing contractions of ecstasy. This one explodes from my core and sends an electric current to the very tips of my fingers and toes.

I squeeze my eyes so tightly that all I see are warm, floating colors. You fuck me through the climax, the belt threaded through your loosened pants biting into the backs of my thighs until you come inside me.

It takes the three of us a while to come down to Earth.

It takes me the longest.

When I start to breathe normally again, I find myself nestled between both of you, the fingertips of both your hands brushing along my body and making me shiver with pleasure.

“Next time,” I say in a dreamy voice, “I get to watch the two of you.”

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