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My work is sometimes meant to titillate, sometimes meant to educate, but always created to stimulate the mind and body.

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Latest Stories

Women Orgasm During Sleep, Too

Wet dreams. Nocturnal emissions. Sleep orgasms. Whatever you want to call it, they all mean the same thing. And they can happen to anyone — not just a hormone-crazed teenage boy. I’m sure it must be a confusing, messy, emotionally charged event for a young man to experience his first nocturnal emission. You go to bed dry, […]

The Art of the Dominant Blow Job

Sometimes I like it rough and kinky — even when it comes to oral Outside of my sex life, I thrive on independence and empowerment. I was once married to a man who tried to control and manipulate every aspect of my daily life, and it was a miserable four years of abusive arguments. Suffice it to say […]

The Hottest Lingerie on Amazon

Dressing for sex can be a much-needed break from the routine I have a fetish for lingerie. I love the look of an itty bitty nightdress or the shaping power of a sexy corset. I get turned on by the feel of silky smooth stockings and garters. And the way lingerie highlights the curve of […]

A Gal’s Guide to Pleasurable Pegging

Flipping the script can feel amazing for both of you There aren’t a lot of women out there writing how-to articles about the art of pegging. We’ll call it an art, as it can be an insanely pleasurable encounter for all involved if you take it slow at first and communicate clearly with your partner throughout. […]

Monogamish Fear and Longing

Some of us want more — but how do we find it? The pace of my sexual development can best be described as sloth-like. I was slow to the sex game. A late bloomer. I’ve been the prude. I’ve been the teenage girl who feared God would smite her if she touched a boy’s private parts — or her own. […]

My Dark Sexual Fantasy

Painting the scene I’m scared to admit I desperately crave This scene depicts scenarios of consensual bondage and rough sex. You’ve been thoroughly warned. Though women are still too often criticized for enjoying being dominated during sex, I can say with complete authority that my delight in being tied up and roughed up by a […]

My Boyfriend Told Me He Wants to Give Other Men Oral

Navigating our sexual evolution as a couple Recently, my good friend Gabby and I finally got together for dinner and drinks after syncing up our too-busy schedules. We talked about the usual over my white wine and her Moscow mule. What I’d been up to, the new woman she was dating, how neither of us could […]

I Finally Lost My Anal Virginity

Here’s how I gained a whole new world of pleasure After multiple failed attempts over the last four years or so, I finally lost my anal virginity. It just happened this past weekend. And it went well. Very well. I didn’t even know Anal August was a thing until afterward when I started writing — but what perfect […]

I’m a Feminist Who Shaves Her Pubic Hair

It’s not because the patriarchy brainwashed me Some women choose not to remove their body hair. Some prefer the natural state of their pubic, underarm, or leg hair. And some refuse to shave as an act of rebellion against the patriarchy or societal standards of beauty. I’m of the belief that anyone can do what […]

9 Ways to Write a Terrible Sex Scene

Do these things, and you’ll lose readers before the big finish Writing a great sex scene is a beautiful and intricate dance — one that straddles the line between reality and sexual fantasy. There’s a delicate balance between dialogue and action, character development and narration, and a million other variables that can either make readers crave your next […]

Using a Vibrator for Better Sex

Bringing toys into the relationship can maximize both pleasure and intimacy Vibrators are tons of fun for solo play, as many of us are well aware. But if you’ve yet to experience how absolutely amazing they are for partner sex, you’re missing out on an entire world of untapped pleasure. Specifically, you’re missing out on some […]

Here’s How Our Threesome Will Go

My husband and I meet him at one of our favorite spots. A coffee and wine bar where local musicians play. The coffee is great and the wine is even better. We find a good table in the back corner. You can see and hear everything, but there’s also enough privacy to talk. The music […]


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