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Welcome to my sex-positive, sex-curious internet grotto. Grab a drink and make yourself comfortable. Here you’ll find all my latest writing on things like sexual exploration, improving relationships, and erotic fiction.

My work is sometimes meant to titillate, sometimes meant to educate, but always created to stimulate the mind and body.

Thanks for stopping by. And stay tuned for my upcoming podcast launch about writers and educators in the sex-positive community and the experiences we love to share.

Latest Stories

Women Orgasm During Sleep, Too

Wet dreams. Nocturnal emissions. Sleep orgasms. Whatever you want to call it, they all mean the same thing. And they can happen to anyone — not just […]

The Art of the Dominant Blow Job

Sometimes I like it rough and kinky — even when it comes to oral Outside of my sex life, I thrive on independence and empowerment. I was once […]

The Hottest Lingerie on Amazon

Dressing for sex can be a much-needed break from the routine I have a fetish for lingerie. I love the look of an itty bitty […]

A Gal’s Guide to Pleasurable Pegging

Flipping the script can feel amazing for both of you There aren’t a lot of women out there writing how-to articles about the art of pegging. […]

My Dark Sexual Fantasy

Painting the scene I’m scared to admit I desperately crave This scene depicts scenarios of consensual bondage and rough sex. You’ve been thoroughly warned. Though […]


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